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Global Loyalty Network

What is GLN

The Global Loyalty Network (“GLN”) is a global platform optimized for single-site management of digital money. GLN, your platform will quickly become customers’ single channel to an array of loyalty program benefits around the world, by:

  • Forming a global alliance with leading financial institutions, retailers, loyalty program providers, and IT providers

  • Offering personalized coupons, and enabling the earning, redemption, exchange, transfer, and payment of digital money across borders

  • Gaining access to robust local merchant networks offered through GLN partners

  • Implementing the latest technologies including blockchain and AR

GLN International

A Hub for All Partners

GLN International manages GLN affairs including, but not limited to, GLN transaction standards, merchant policies, profit distribution, and GLN brand policies.

Local GLN

A GLN Representative in Your Country

Your Local GLN will engage in the management of local virtual currencies, authorizing of transactions between GLN Partners, and handling payments and settlement for GLN transactions. The Local GLN will also engage in customer marketing.

Hana Members

Hana Members as a stepping stone for success

Hana Financial Group has already discovered the feasibility of GLN through the success of “Hana Members ” in the Korean market. Hana Members offers point integration between the group’s subsidiaries and its partners.
(Service launched Oct. 2015)

Global Loyalty Network

Transaction Volume and Profit Forecast

With the increase in the number of GLN servicing countries, number of GLN Members will reach 107M by 2021, and transaction volume will reach 23.5B USD. Accordingly, operating profit will reach 0.8B USD. Operating profit arising from the network shall be distributed among GLN and its affiliates according to each of the affiliate’s transaction volume.