First GLN Conference successfully held in San Francisco, US

April  •  2017

KEB Hana Bank hosted Global Loyalty Network (GLN) Conference on April 25th and 26th at Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, US.

GLN is a global loyalty alliance, in which loyalty program managing partners from around the world come together to form a network, share merchant networks and enable exchange and use of each partner’s Virtual Currency to increase usability of Virtual Currencies and gain a competitive advantage in each partner’s loyalty program.

The GLN Conference, San Francisco was co-sponsored by IBM Global and it was the first official event since the launch of the GLN project initiative. Many valued institutions from US, Europe and Asia, including Wells Fargo, BNP Paribas, Mizuho Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Taishin Bank of Taiwan, and IS Bank of Turkey attended the conference to learn about the progress of the establishment of GLN, and contributed to the active discussion session of the conference.

On 25th, the first day of the conference, Mr.Jun Seong Han delivered a keynote speech titled ‘In Search for the Next Big Thing’ following an opening speech by Mr.Jess Lund, Vice President of IBM Global.

During the keynote speech, Mr.Han introduced the achievements of Hana Members, GLN pilot platform in Korea launched in November 2015 and now with over 10 million members, and noted that it is the time like this, where interest for fintech is growing by the day, which is the best time to establish a network like GLN. Mr.Han also illustrated a GLN roadmap, which received a positive response from the guests.

In Session 1 following the opening, Mr.Phil Seward, US Regional Director of Collinson Group outlined the importance of loyalty businesses’ focus on customer experience in his speech ‘Loyalty Points Business.’

Dr. Chae An, Vice President of IBM Global introduced a number of use-cases of blockchain which received much interest from the audience. Mr.Greg Simon, CEO of Loyyal shared his insight on blockchain application on loyalty businesses and integrating blockchain in establishing a new network together in his speech “Breakthrough Opportunities for Loyalty.”

In Session 2, Mr.Kyung Ho Kim, General Manager of the GLN Platform Cell at KEB Hana Bank demonstrated Hana Members and GLN service simulations. The first day of the conference was closed with a networking dinner hosted by KEB Hana Bank for all guests.

On 26th, Mr.Jason Kuo, Senior Product Manager of Taishin Bank, introduced the bank’s payment system and its loyalty platform. Ms.Laura Fontana and Ms.Eugene Kim, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo commented on the significance of loyalty market for banks seeking new business opportunities.
During the final session of the conference, Mr.Kim of KEB Hana Bank shared the specific details of the GLN project including the GLN business model, each GLN partner’s role, settlement method using blockchain, business projection and agenda. During the Q&A time, the guests and the speakers engaged in active discussion on resolving regulation and compliace issues in GLN partner countries, overcoming challenges of blurred borders between monetary currencies and digital currencies, and practical GLN participation methods.

Marking this first GLN conference, KEB Hana Bank plans to sign an agreement with banks and retailers who intend to join the GLN Consortium by the second quarter of this year. Upon the agreement, the list of GLN partners will be released.

Members of the GLN Consortium will be shared with exclusive materials on GLN business model, its progress and projections (including the materials from the conference). The members will also be given the right to take part in the selection process for new partners, as well as priority in partnership for GLN development planned for later this year.

Kindly be noted that the GLN Consortium Agreement will be sent in a separate email in May.

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