GLN Now  Vol. 8

Sep  •  2018

KEB Hana Bank Opened GLN Coupon Mall Indonesia Edition

To celebrate the ‘Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Palembang’ in Indonesia and hope for the promotion of the Korean national team, KEB Hana bank opened the Indonesian edition of the GLN (Global Loyalty Network) Coupon Mall, which offers various discounts when traveling to Indonesia.

GLN Coupon Mall is the only lifestyle financial platform that offers global coupon services as part of the GLN project. During the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February and the Russian World Cup in June, it provided free coupon services in Korea and Russia, respectively, drawing keen attention as a case of global innovation in financial service.
Following, PyeongChang and Russia edition, the Indonesian edition opened to offer the only global discount coupon service in six countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia providing the only global network-linked coupons.
Indonesian edition partners with the largest app company in Indonesian restaurant reservations Qraved, Lotte Duty Free Shop in Jakarta and Lotteria in Indonesia which provides various offers and discount coupons.
In addition, major benefits of GLN coupon mall including but not limited to must-see shopping course in Japan, Don Quijote discount coupons, discounts at Central, a famous department store in Thailand, Taiwan major airport pick-up service discounts can be enjoyed as well.

GLN Coupon Mall is a mobile global coupon service that offers a wide range of local discounts that were limited to locals. Discounts can be obtained through simple method that shows the corresponding coupon screen of GLN Coupon mall in times of redemption at overseas coupon partners. Also, after downloading the GLN kit, you can use the coupon in an offline environment if you save the coupon in advance.
KEB Hana Bank said that the initial imagination of GLN related services are being shifted to reality. By expanding GLN project, we are planning to provide a variety of global fintech services such as mobile payments and remittances services in foreign countries.

GLN is a platform based on global network of digital platforms of worldwide financial institutions, retailers, and point providers such as KEB Hana Bank’s Hana Members, the first integrated membership service in finance, to allow exchange and use of digital assets such as point and mileages.
This integrated platform hub is Hana Financial Group’s global future core business and to build up this network more than 30 companies in 10 countries formed a consortium.