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GLN Consortium

GLN Consortium

The GLN Consortium brings together partners for the establishment, development, promotion, and commercial operation of Global Loyalty Network (“GLN”) business

Consortium Members

Member can be a financial institution, an entity engaged in the operation of a customer loyalty or rewards program, a retail enterprise, and an IT provider. A Member (i) shares information, materials, knowledge, and expertise relating to loyalty networks; (ii) provides coordination and assistance for co-development of loyalty network services with the Lead Manager and other Members; and (iii) engages in regular meetings and communications with other Members.

A Prime Member (i) is a financial institution or an entity engaged in the operation of a customer loyalty program; and (ii) collaborates with GLN through development of the GLN platform.

A Prime Member has all the rights and obligations of a Member, and in addition, is given the right to vote on decision-making relating to GLN business.

GLN Consortium Network

GLN Consortium Network includes financial institutions, global retailers, point providers, travel agencies and ICT companies. Join the growing GLN Consortium and get started on building and expanding a new platform that will lead all of the participants to create a greater synergy.


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