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Global loyalty story of
Mark and Glory

Mark is flying from Los Angeles to visit his girlfriend, Glory in Seoul. He is planning a special day for her with GLN.



Treat your customers to unique benefits around the world through GLN

Coupon Mall
Gift / Transfer
Online Payment
Offline Payment

Coupon Mall

Customers can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts at the GLN Coupon Mall

  • Coupon retailers upload their coupons using GLN coupon management servers

  • Two types of coupons available at GLN Coupon Mall: Pre-paid coupons and free coupons

  • Coupon sale settlement is handled by GLN, coupon retailers, and local GLN partners


Customers can transfer digital money to family and friends around the world

  • Customers can transfer digital money to family and friends

  • Customers enjoy faster, cheaper digital money transfers than with other services

  • Currency exchange will be applied for cross-border digital money transfers

Online Payment

Customers can pay with their digital money when shopping at online stores

  • Customers purchase products and services from GLN Retailers (i.e., travel agencies, online shopping malls)

  • Customers can use their digital money to make payments

  • Global retailers request settlement from GLN

Offline Payment

Customers can visit local Offline GLN merchants to purchase products and services

  • Customer will pay with their own local digital money

  • Various types of offline payment are available using the local GLN partner’s infrastructure (i.e., barcode, QR code, NFC, prepaid card)

  • Merchants will request settlement from GLN


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