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GLN Technology


GLN International broadcasts transaction data from each partner to each node. Because Blockchain participants simultaneously store identical transaction data, swift, accurate settlement without additional reconciliation is possible.

Blockchain POC

Intro to Architecture

  • Blockchain network will take a Hybrid Cloud format (Cloud <-> On Premise).

  • Balance inquiry, payment and transaction processing requests will be handled by the participating bank agents.

  • Block events occurred from storing transaction data will be detected by the opposing party (agent), and it will make processing requests through legacy system.

  • 3 Types of POC testing : Digital money Transfer, Coupon Purchase and Cancellation of purchase.

Functional Implementation

[Blockchain Process Flow] Hana Members transferring points to Taishin

GLN Blockchain POC (Transfer)

GLN Blockchain POC(Coupon Purchase)

GLN Blockchain POC(Purchase Cancelation)

PoC Outcome

Prepared a Distributed Ledger Technology-based business platform to enable exchange of digital currencies between global financial institutions

GLN Technology


Standard Interface (API) for GLN partners’ IT development

GLN International adheres to API regulations and technology while considering the IT system environment of GLN partners. It provides partners different ways of accessing GLN services such as membership enrollment and integrated management. GLN International will continue to expand the GLN service functions and offer various APIs.