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GLN Technology



GLN International broadcasts transaction data from each partner to each node. Because Blockchain participants simultaneously store identical transaction data, swift, accurate settlement without additional reconciliation is possible.

Transaction Layer

Customers access to GLN for Coupon mall, On/Offline Payment and Transfer service through local loyalty membership App from each country

DLT Layer

Verifying and updating process jointly carried out for each transaction and store identical transaction record

Bank Network Layer

Blockchain node, according to transfer message from Smart Contract, carries out settlement through banking remittance

GLN Technology


Standard Interface (API) for GLN local partners’ IT development

GLN International adheres to API regulations and technology while considering the IT system environment of GLN local partners. It provides local partners different ways of accessing GLN services such as membership enrollment and integrated management. GLN International will continue to expand the GLN service functions and offer various APIs.

Types of GLN API