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Global Loyalty Network

What is GLN

Global Loyalty Network (“GLN”) is a global integrated platform that offers cross-border use of digital assets and benefits around the world by :

  • Forming a global alliance of GLN across industries and around the globe

  • Gaining access to robust local networks and infrastructure through GLN

  • Sharing benefits, including locally offered deals and discounts for customers worldwide

  • Enabling the payment, transfer, exchange, redemption and earning of digital assets across borders

  • Implementing the latest technologies, such as blockchain technology

Participants of GLN

In building a new platform, each participant organizes and manages local GLN business, while “GLN International” manages GLN affairs as a hub for all participants.

Manages GLN affairs as a hub for all participants of GLN

  • Facilitating all the GLN transactions between GLN participants

  • Managing Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures for GLN

  • Expansion of business area and GLN participants

Manages local affairs as a local representative of GLN

  • Handling payments and settlements for GLN transactions
  • Authorizing and managing transactions among its local partners

  • Local customers Management and Marketing

  • Expansion of local partners network

Provides products and services

  • (Retailer) Providing coupons and vouchers for GLN Coupon mall

  • (Merchant) Accepting GLN payment as one type of payment methods

Structure of GLN platform

Through GLN platform, all of the participants will be connected sharing their infrastructure, such as local payment tools. That will enable the participants to support their customers wherever they are, offering an even faster and easier way to use digital assets.

Hana Members

Hana Members as a stepping stone for success

Hana Financial Group has already discovered the feasibility of GLN through the success of “Hana Members ” in the Korean market. Hana Members offers point integration between the group’s subsidiaries and its partners.
(Service launched Oct. 2015)


Key Performence

Global Loyalty Network

Transaction Volume and Profit Forecast

With the increase in the number of GLN servicing countries, number of GLN Users will reach 107 million by 2021, and transaction volume will reach $23.5 billion. Accordingly, operating profit will reach $0.8 billion. Operating profit arising from the network shall be distributed among GLN and its partners.

Transaction Development Forecast

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Main Presumptions

  • GLN Registration Rate : 35% of Local GLN partners’ Users

  • GLN Active Users Rate : 30%

  • Rate of GLN Users visiting GLN servicing countries : 58%

  • GLN Transaction Amount per person : $254

  • GLN servicing countries : Additional 10 countries annually